I remember the first time he broke her. The first time she found out that he wasn’t this prince charming. It wasn’t when she was laying there crying and waiting for him to come home, night after night. No… it was much more than that.

Their life hadn’t even begun yet before he was out there playing games. She had never had anyone in her life like him. Someone so bold and daring. Someone who said what he meant and meant what he said. Someone that lied the way he did. His lies just had a way of making you feel a little better, kind of like a band-aid. She didn’t see the real him until it was too late and by then she was blinded.

There were times that she would sit on the couch looking out the window and wait for him to walk through that door. There were instances she would steadily sit up and watch her phone waiting for him to message her that he loved her. But, he didn’t. Because as soon as he had her, he didn’t want her anymore. But, he didn’t want anyone else to have her either. He was greedy.

Yet, she stayed. Why? Because she didn’t know her worth. She didn’t think that there would be anyone else out there that wanted her the way he made it seem like he wanted her. She didn’t want to start over with someone new. She didn’t want to be alone. No matter how much he made her cry, this unhappiness had to be better than the unhappiness she would have when she was alone. Yet, she wouldn’t have been alone at all.

This was just the beginning of her life as a woman who didn’t know her worth. This was the beginning of many years feeling confused about what love really was. This was the beginning of the crack in her heart that led to it being shattered. Yet, she stayed because she didn’t know her worth.



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