Once upon a time, I knew this woman that would do just about anything for the man she loved. Even when she was the unhappiest person alive she would fall at his feet making sure that he got everything he wanted. She treated him like he was a king. As a king, he did what he wanted. He stomped on her heart and broke it to pieces.

In the beginning, it was much more of a game than an actual romance. She said a few dirty words to him and he would call her baby. He would spend time with her and court her around. Little did this woman know that he was courting other women around as well, calling them baby too. She was nothing special at all. Soon she would learn just how unspecial to him she was.

This woman didn’t realize just how much he didn’t love her. At first, she thought she had changed him into everything she had wanted. She actually had. He had started spending so much time with her that he forgot he even had friends. Once he realized this, he pushed her away, threw her in the dark, and hid her from all the world to see. She being a good woman went into hiding and stayed there blindly hoping he would one day show the world that she was his everything.

The love was lost from the beginning. He would leave her shacked up in his home while he ran the streets, night after night and this was just the beginning. He brought her home with him and yet he tried to hide her from the world. She felt like she was not worthy of him. That she deserved it. She would sit worrying and in misery night after night waiting for him to change.

She was miserable. But, she didn’t realize it during that time and it not only affected her but it affected those around her. It changed her. It made her numb.


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