One long night turned out to be so painful for her. It was clear that they weren’t doing well together. That they weren’t happy. She insisted that they would be happy if he would just give them a chance. But, he refused to allow her in his heart.

This night in particular though, he had asked her for a break. He said that he needed time to clear his head and she felt so stupid because she didn’t realize what he was up to. She went back to their home and cried. It would be one of the many nights she cried herself to sleep.

It had to be halfway through the night that she was woken by a knock at the door. When she answered it, she discovered another woman standing in front of her. She was just beautiful. She had seen this woman before. He had told her that she was his cousin. She figured that was a lie. She tried to be a woman about the situation and she sat down to talk to this young girl, much younger than her and discovered that they had been seeing each other.  We will call this other woman Nadine.

She and Nadine decided that they should confront him about this situation. That’s when they decided to go hunt him down to where she dropped him off the night before. She and Nadine went banging on the door of his friend’s house and there was no answer. So, Nadine dropped her back off.

She texted his phone asking where he was. Explaining everything that had happened and to her surprise, she received a reply. From another girl, that he was with. The girl said that he didn’t want her anymore, that he was now with him.

Have you ever heard a heart break? I’m so sure you could hear hers. She was broken because she gave up so much to be with him. She got a phone call the next morning and it was him telling her to come get him. He supposedly had no knowledge of the text from the night before.

It wasn’t about the text, it was the fact that she could tell he cared about Nadine. The way he talked to her on the phone. The way he got mad at her for threatening to date someone else. The way he kept her in his life.


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